Hello, my name is Karin Hauffen and this site serves as a personal portfolio of my academic and professional history.

I am a developer that loves learning new technology and solving problems. I consider myself a jack of all trades who is willing to branch out and take on new challenges – it’s what excites me! I try to maintain the student mindset because there is always something that I can learn through doing or by taking advantage of the expertise of my colleagues.

When I am not coding, I am likely out having a beer with friends. I’d love to give you a beer recommendation. I highly recommend trying Wake-n-Bake by Terrapin (Athens) and Happy Ending by SweetWater (Atlanta). What can I say, I love Imperial Stouts and I love local breweries that know how to brew great tasting beer.

I also love going to the Masquerade in Atlanta to see my favorite heavy metal bands. There is something about Swedish melodic death metal that really centers me and makes me happy. If you didn’t know, metal is also great for focusing when writing code!